Sharlene Horak | Art is Healing; Art is Freeing

Having always been attracted to color and design, abstract painter Sharlene Horak creates art for its healing properties. Horak plays with themes involving freedom and repression in her art that she also uses in her private psychotherapy practice. She utilizes textures, symbols and shapes to convey her understanding of the many mystifying concepts and layers of human nature and behavior. Horak has adopted a style all her own by employing bright color in oil, acrylics and mixed media in an abstract fashion that represents her core beliefs as a creator: “Art heals the artist and the observer.”

Sharlene Horak was born in Santa Cruz, California, where she remembers spending a lot of time in nature and being greatly inspired by its many colors and grand aesthetics. Her family harbored several artists and stimulated her interest by surrounding her with fine design and art. In the hope of giving back to humanity, Horak earned her master’s degree in clinical social work from the University of Texas. After graduation, she opened up her own psychotherapy practice and soon discovered a side to herself that had been dormant for a long time. “I began using art therapy and art assessment techniques,” she says. “I began to see art as a healing process and a representation of a psychological process.”


“Art is healing; art is freeing. I think that is why I really paint.”

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